Earth Watchers Center shares the pains and sufferings of Katrina victims




Throughout History man has suffered many of nature’s wrath such as hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, and has suffered many of man-made injustices too, but always has stood up and held firm. The spirit of his struggling and fighting against the injustices and natural disasters forms the thread with which man’s history is woven.            

The famous Iranian poet of 13th century, Saadi , points to mankind’ single origin: as they act in unison like a single body where the pains and sorrows of one part reverberates in other parts. In his well known poetic line, translated in 9 languages and inscribed on the wall of United Nations hall , he states that” you who are unaware of the miseries and sorrows of others are not human and  should not be honored as such.”

In 19th century the same thought is revealed in Beethoven’ s majestic 9th symphony, in the inspiring and immortal ode to humanity, the “Hymn To Joy”.        

Members of Earth Watcher’ Center deeply sympathize with all the victims of Katrina and their families who have suffered the catastrophic even t. Along with our sincere condolences we wish them a rapid recovery and hope for their return to normal life .