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  The Earth Watchers Center is a non-profit environmental NGO, which started its activities on Nov. 2002 .The Center’s aim is to help reduce the existing environmental problems and to preserve the Earth’s heritage through raising the public awareness. This will be achieved by reporting case studies based on data obtained from surveying and fact -finding trips, by printing educational pamphlets and by arranging public educational scientific tours.

  The Center holds that the most fundamental step to be taken toward raising public awareness and knowledge is to inform people from all different social strata, from the layman up to the highest level of decision makers. The most important achievements of the center are publishing the EWC quarterly and the launching of its website:   www.earthwatchers.org and www.earthwatchers.ir

  The Center through publications, website, reporting environmental news, research -reports and interviews attempts to bring transparency to the meanings of environmental values and the menacing environmental issues of Iran, in the hope of attracting every-body’s attention to the necessity of preserving those values and finding solutions to the devastating environmental problems.

   It is in the agenda of the Center to report the opinions of the scientists, researchers, and experts on any relevant environmental issues in their name and also to report the problems of any group of people who have suffered from environmental pollution, its devastating effects and side effects, such as deplorable living conditions, deaths and diseases, as seen in the case of relocated and displaced   indigenous people.


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